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Hi. My name is John. I live in California and I'm a car mechanic. Like a lot of guys I like sex and like it a lot more now. Let me tell you why and let me tell you how I got help with my penis size.


First of all don't trust your penis size to just anyone.
Do what I did and get help from a Doctor.
I don't mean just any Doctor and I don't mean surgery or prescription pills.
If your penis is average or less than average like mine was and want a bigger penis then do what I did. It totally changed my life and it could do the same for you.

Finding the right answers took me over a year of searching. I tried over 10 different products.
Different pills, patches and creams. I even fell for those trial offers where you pay for just the shipping. All that got me was zero results, they charged my credit card full price and kept charging me. It took 3 months before they finally stopped charging me.
Nothing that I tried worked. Finally I decided to talk about it with a friend I knew for a long time.
He told me he had the same problem. He told me about a Dr. Bross who had been helping men for over 20 years with a small penis size.
I found Dr. Bross after I saw his advertising for Pro+Plus Pills in Penthouse and Motor Trend magazine about enlarging your penis. These were national magazines so I knew this was the real deal.
I took the Pro+Plus Ultimate pills for my enlargement and as you can see in the video it really worked for me. But I did something else. I used the Pro+Plus Accelerator to speed things up. The Pro+Plus Pills for the Penis Enlargement and the Pro+Plus Accelerator to make it work faster. I’m glad I did because I wanted the best results as quick as possible.
I took the Pro+Plus Accelerator instead of Human Growth Hormone because that can be illegal and dangerous unless prescribed and injected by a doctor.
I had a smaller than average penis and I know this seriously effected my sex life. Actually I didn't have much of a sex life. Showing my penis to a woman who I thought I was going to have sex with was a bad experience. I can tell by the look on their face that they were disappointed.. The times I had sex, it wasn't much fun when a girl would tell me to put it in deeper and I couldn't.
I ordered the Pro+Plus Ultimate pills and the Pro+Plus Accelerator and soon after taking them I noticed results almost immediately. After about a month I could see a real difference in my penis size. I was now 3 inches bigger.
I was bigger and much harder. A great surprise was that I was also wider or thicker.
With an erection I now measure 8 inches. You can see that in the video. I put the video together so you can the progress and then see my final results. I also see that Dr. Bross put some photos I sent to him on the website.
Listen guys this new dick of mine now puts a smile on the face of those ladies every time.
So if you want help, take the advice of Dr. Bross and me and get some Pro+Plus Pills and Pro+Plus Accelerator.
And one more thing because I don’t want you to throw your money away. I went to a magazine rack and saw Dr. Bross advertising in more than 30 magazines. I didn’t see any advertising from these other penis enlargement websites in any magazines.
Order now and you can get up to 160 Days supply Free. And by the way this is a company in business over 30 years.
Good luck and keep the ladies smiling.

John B.

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